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Software market in Brazil represents a new and interesting possibility for fast-growing digital market, especially in areas of mobile gaming and IT start-ups. But even so, not all companies have successful experience with product introduction due to problems with adaptation, localization and administration. This creates a wrong impression that the Brazilian market is poorly developed, have no potential and is difficult to work with.

In the reality, Brazilian market is very different and has its own peculiarities which can be used to gain advantage on market via several steps, which allow a new company to establish a good relation with the Brazilian customers and promote your product to a greater audience.  

Our company can provide essential services for your company on the Brazilian market which will significantly boost your sales and image in South America.

1) Software Localization in Brazil. We can offer you a professional translation to Brazilian Portuguese, localization to local realities, and if necessary, make cultural adaptation for your software, site or app. We work only with best English-Portuguese translators

2) Market research in Brazil and marketing campaign creation in portuguese language. We can create an efficient campaign which will fit your preferred audience, because we totally culturally adapted in this environment. We can work with any Portuguese language media, not only with online services and social networks, but with physical or advertisement or public places ads if you prefer.

3) Local support community management and administration. Many companies avoid or see no reason to create local support services in Portuguese and leave everything to English speaking international team, but such attitude can be harmful towards relations with local customers. Sometimes they don’t understand Brazilian mentality or can’t speak local language.

4) Technical support team and community management for your software in Brazil. We can establish a local Portuguese speaking team, oriented to work with local environment with all the knowledge necessary to offer a better experience.

5) Incorporate and manage if necessary, a company in Brazil. We will take care for local personnel, including company director, office in Brazil and all offer other necessary administrative services in Brasil.

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